June 22, 2012

A little "Eye Spy," anyone?

Want to play a little "Eye Spy?" Test your nature knowledge with these sneak preview photos featured in the International Conservation Photography (ICP) Awards exhibit at the Burke Museum through November 25, 2012.

Eye spy a mellow mamma and her curious calf, who was very "friendly" with the photographer when he took their picture near an island in the South Pacific known for the same quality. Where are they?
Photo by Ryan Hellard (zoomed in for Eye Spy)

Eye spy two brash bulls in Banff National Park. Since 1885, the park's population has grown from just a handful to more than 3000. What are they?
Photo by Justin Reznick  (zoomed in for Eye Spy)
Eye spy pink-tinged plumage and a pretty yellow pouch (which can hold three times the amount of food as this bird's stomach). What is it?
Photo by Lori Foreman  (zoomed in for Eye Spy)
1) Tonga
2) Elk
3) Pelican

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