January 21, 2011

Kryostega, Thrinaxodon, Lystrosaurus...oh my!

We've been reporting on the Antarctic fossil expedition that our vertebrate paleontology curator and two of his graduate students are currently part of, and we're getting really excited for them to return to Seattle in a couple of weeks! Once they have a chance to share which fossils they found, we'll definitely post about it on this blog.

You may have watched the video we posted earlier of UW grad students Brandon and Adam describing what their journey to the southern-most continent would be like; in the same recording session, they also talked about why they were going to Antarctica to look for fossils. The second half of the video is a short tour of some of the Antarctic specimens currently in the paleontology collection at the museum (Kryostega! Thrinaxodon! Lystrosaurus!). Take a look:

Posted by: Samantha Porter