January 20, 2011

Introducing... Natural History Riddles!

We here at the Burke obviously love natural history, but did you know we also love puzzles?  When these two passions combine the result is a new monthly Burke Blog feature…

Any Washington State person, place or living thing is fair game.  So test out your braininess and try to solve these riddles by posting a comment to our blog.  Update: Scroll down to see the answers!

Riddle #1:
Royalty in the skies,
Ruling the waters below,
Washington fish bow to my command.

Who am I?

Riddle #2
Tendrils of moss cascade from majestic trees;
A temperate temperament for inquisitive explorers,
A home to a plethora of life

Where am I?

Riddle #3:
Gliding from tree to tree
Stretching with all my might
An aerodynamic body indeed
To glide from tree to tree

Who am I?


Answer #1: Belted Kingfisher (photo courtesy of Seattle Audobon Society)

Answer #2
: The Hoh Rainforest

Answer # 3
: Northern Flying Squirrel

Posted by: Andrea Barber