January 31, 2009

Coffee talk

Posted by Karin Hoffman, Communications

Coffee is grown all over the world and where it is grown affects the character of the bean. Coffee requires mild temperatures, no frost and moderate amounts of rain to flourish. Growing conditions such as elevation, climate, soil and water shape the overall taste of the coffee. There are three main coffee growing regions:

• Central and South America coffees generally have medium to high acidity with well balanced flavor and light body.
• Africa and Arabian peninsula coffees are described as having medium acidity and body with hints of citrus, cocoa and spicy flavors.
• Asia and the Pacific rim coffees are low in acidity with a bold, heavy body and a robust earthy flavor.

This Saturday, January 31st, Victrola Coffee Roasters will be sampling 3-4 varieties of coffee from Guatemala and Colombia and discussing the differences between growing regions and processing methods. Based on the coffees’ acidity, body, aroma and flavor come see if you can identify the “growing region” of the coffee being sample.