August 19, 2008

Chillin' with the Chamber

Posted by: Julia Swan

I just got back from the annual University District Chamber of Commerce luncheon at the Burke. It was fun and full of tasty sandwiches, but my favorite part was seeing all of the business and community leaders from the University District hanging out at the museum, touring The Last Polar Bear, and socializing with each other.

The director of the Chamber prepped us all for AveVenture, a back-to -school street fair on the Ave at which the Burke will host a table (think prize wheel!) Even though it’s over a month away, people are starting to think about school starting up again at the UW…what a fast summer it has been so far!

Meeting with the Chamber of Commerce reminded me of a cool project they organize: “Up in the Air Art Project.” Different community business and organizations sponsor sculptures that sit atop the low-level light posts along the Ave. The Burke is actually a brand new sponsor of this project, with a sculpture called “Dino,” created by a UW art student named Will Fenton. “Dino” can be found in front of Rite-Aid on the west side of University Way, between 45th and 47th streets. Check it out!