August 14, 2008

Blogging: So Hot Right Now

Posted by: Julia Swan

Admit it: everyone you know has a blog. Like many technology-driven trends, blogging has exploded in the last few years. Even the word “blog” has morphed from its association with geeks and teenagers to a commonly understood, widely used means of communication for journalists, politicos, humorists, philosophizers, professional writers, amateurs, and everyone in between.

Museums across the nation have jumped on the blogging bandwagon, including the Burke Museum, as a new way to connect to their audiences. At the American Association of Museums annual meeting this year, everyone was talking about blogging, podcasting, and other ways of embracing the new age of “Web 2.0.” While there, I heard from other museum bloggers about what has worked or not worked for their museums. I’m proud to say that Burke staff has been able to maintain this blog for nearly two years, but I’m always looking to our peers for ideas about how to make the Burke Blog more readable, interesting, and accessible.

Here are a few museum or museum-related blogs that have impressed me so far:

Our sister museum on the UW campus, the Henry Art Gallery does a great job with the Hankblog.

Also of local interest, the Woodland Park Zoo offers interesting behind-the-scenes stories about all the animals of the zoo.

The Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis maintains an impressive collection of blogs with numerous contributors.

The Brooklyn Museum always has innovative ideas—many of which are showcased in their blog.

Finally, Museum 2.0 simply blogs about museum blogs (much like I’m doing now…). Very meta.