March 05, 2007

What a story to tell

Posted by: Karyn Gregory

I have been away from the blog awhile working hard on production of the next Burke podcast episode! When it's up, you can find it here.

This weekend I was armed with recording equipment capturing the stories behind our new exhibit In the Spirit of the Ancestors. I hadn't had an opportunity to see the exhibit until now (aside from the pictures May took last week) and I thought it was wonderful in person. The colors were rich and vibrant -- a perfect accompaniment to the objects in the cases.

The opening event was filled with demonstrations and panel discussion that exposed why and how the artists create their art. I'm glad I had the microphone with me and could capture these conversations for our listeners, adding another layer to their experience.

Keep checking the podcast page or subscribe now; we hope to create a multi-part series capturing the artists' stories behind In the Spirit of the Ancestors.