March 05, 2007

Sustainability is sexy

Posted by: Rebecca Durkin

Why sell guilt when you can sell sex?

Last week, the Seattle PI highlighted an interesting UW student-run campaign going on right outside our museum doors. Led by the Young Democrats, students are using a bold slogan to promote sustainable consumer choices – “Sustainability is Sexy.”

Plastered on t-shirts, buttons, and stickers, the slogan promotes awareness for campus incentives to reduce consumerist waste. Bring your own coffee cup to a UW coffee stand and save $1 on drip coffee or get 10 cents off an espresso drink.

If you’re interested in more info about alternative coffee choices, try this great local resource: ¿Más Café? Vicky Lawson and Colleen Donovan of the UW Department of Geography put together this handy Web site providing you with info on fair trade, organic and shade grown coffee. TransFair gives us this list of Washington State fair trade certified licensees.

Personally, I go sustainable by reusing a coffee travel mug plastered with a childhood picture of my sister and me playing Atari and suffering from some mean Saturday morning bed head (admittedly not sexy). How do you go sustainable?

- Rebecca