October 25, 2014

What do you collect? 10 unique visitor collections

Over the past four months, we've asked Burke Museum visitors to answer a simple question in our Imagine That exhibit: what do you collect?

"What do you collect?" tags hang in the Burke's Imagine That exhibit.
As the Washington state museum of natural history and culture, we collect to form a record of the life before us and to bring together people, objects and the stories that make them meaningful. We share a curiosity and passion for collecting with our visitors.

So far, more than 2,000 visitors have told us what they collect and why their collection is special. While we see several types of collections come up regularly—rocks, shells, money—some collections stood out as particularly unique.

Here is a sampling of 10 one-of-a-kind visitor collections shared with us so far:

1. Woodchips with holes

First name: Diane
What I collect: Woodchips with holes
My collection is special because... It began with a child giving me one, and then another, and another... and now I have hundreds!!

2. Japanese erasers and labbits

First name: Emma
What I collect: Japanese erasers and labbits
My collection is special because... Who wouldn't want a labbit (it is a rabbit with a mustache). THEY ARE SOOO CUTE! 

3. Cat hair

First name: Matt
What I collect: Cat hair
My collection is special because... It's like it's attracted to me... Have it in scores!

4. Countries and peanut butter

First name: Emma
What I collect: Countries and peanut butter
My collection is special because... I get (to) see the whole world and eat a lot of peanut butter. How is this not awesome.

5. Bookmarks, buttons, books, business cards, elephants, marbles, slinkies, giraffes, glass, valentines, Fischer Price Little People™, super balls, stamps, dragons, holiday headbands, holiday jewelry

First name: Belinda
What I collect: Bookmarks, buttons, books, business cards, elephants, marbles, slinkies, giraffes, glass, valentines, Fischer Price Little People™, super balls, stamps, dragons, holiday headbands, holiday jewelry
My collection is special because... Why? I like them and hobbies combat loneliness. But I have run out of room... 

6. Antique apothecary poison bottles

First name: MJ
What I collect: Antique apothecary poison bottles
My collection is special because... The bottles are interesting and beautiful. They have unique shapes and colors to warn that they contain harmful drugs.

7. Tall friends

First name: Ashleigh
What I collect: Tall friends
My collection is special because... Tall friends are useful. They can reach stuff that my short friends cannot.

8. Gray hair

First name: Steve
What I collect: Gray hair
My collection is special because... I take them everywhere with me. It's almost like it's a part of me.

9. Belly button lint

First name: Jack
What I collect: Belly button lint
My collection is special because... it is so large.

10. Genealogical data

First name: Jora
What I collect: Genealogical data
My collection is special because... I keep uncovering fascinating, amazing stories of great great grandparents—how they traveled through America's history, across our country... how they survived! How I came to be... 

Your turn! What do you collect? Why is your collection special?

This weekend is your last chance to visit the Imagine That exhibit and fill out your own collection card. Or, if you can't make it to the exhibit, tell us what you collect in the comments below. We'd love to hear the story behind your collection!

By Nadia Soucek, Visitor Services


Sue Truman said...

I collect old things with cranks: egg beaters, nut grinders, card shufflers, music boxes, whip cream whippers, butter churns, drills, sewing machines, vegetable grinders, pencil sharpeners. Moving panoramas and many other things. Www.thecrankiefactory.com

Nilufer said...

I collect beer, wine and whisky bottles in all shapes and sizes - the smaller and out-of-character, the better! i also collect coins, stamps, stickers, buttons, hair bands, and shells.

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