May 12, 2008

Reaching out to undergrads

Posted by: Steven Zhang

“Have you been to the Burke Museum before?”

This is a typical question I ask undergraduates during campus outreach opportunities. Among the positive responses I receive, once in a while there are a few “No, I haven’t gotten around to it” or “I’ve been meaning to.” Occasionally, some students say they’re not exactly sure where the Burke is located. As a fellow undergraduate working at the Burke, I understand where these responses are coming from. Before my employment at the museum, I had heard of the Burke many times, through flyers, posters, and articles in The Daily. But like many undergraduates, I simply did not take the extra step to check it out. However, it
is enlightening to see that more and more students are making an effort to come to the Burke. Working here for the past two years, I know this success can be attributed to the Burke events that are geared towards reaching out to undergraduates.

One example of these outreach events is the Burke’s After Hours program, which has been quite successful. Once a quarter, the museum re-opens in the evening, providing live music, big screen movies, exhibit tours, and free food to all UW students! This is a great way for students to experience the Burke in an upbeat and contemporary atmosphere. Some highlights from previous After Hours featured a live DJ, Mighty-O Donuts, Blue C Sushi, and filmmakers Alicia Woods and Jonathan Tomhave. Speaking of which, the Burke’s last After Hours of the academic year is on Wed., May 21 at 7pm. The topic is “Prehistoric Drugs, Sex and Vice!” So stop by and enjoy free pizza and chocolate while learning about the “sexy” culture of ancient societies!

- Steven

Photo: Undergraduate students enjoy sushi and socializing at an After Hours @ the Burke event.