May 02, 2008

Celebrate the fungus among us!

Posted by: Julia Swan

Mad about mushrooms? Fanatic for fungi? Pleased by portobello? OK, I’ll stop trying to over-alliterate and get to the point. The Burke is bringing the Puget Sound Mycological Society* to the museum this Sunday, May 4 to celebrate the fungus among us. Mushroom Maynia! is a first-time event for the Burke and it should be a lot of fun. Check out the event details on our website.

*Mycology = the study of fungi.
Photo by Patrice Benson


Rebecca Whitham said...

I'm crazy for crimini.

Good luck at the event. I passed the e-card invite along to some mushroom lovers I know -- there are a lot out there!

- Rebecca

The Burke Museum said...

Crimini!! I knew I forgot one.


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