January 24, 2008

"In Progress"

Posted by: Karyn Gregory

One of my colleagues (and friends) in the Museology department has a show opening up this weekend at the Burke: This Place Called Home (along with the traveling exhibit Peoples of the Plateau). He's been working on curating this show nonstop since last Fall. The exhibit installation is finally finished and I managed to sneak in earlier this week and take some photos of the process to give readers a taste of what to expect. It looks...stunning. Hard to believe this is the same space the Y2Y and Giant Squid exhibits were in.

I'm so proud of Miles!

- Karyn


Sam H said...

What's Y2Y?

The Burke Museum said...

Whups! Y2Y is for Yellowstone to Yukon, our previous photography exhibit on wildlife corridors. I've put links to those exhibits up in the post. -Karyn

SHI Archivist said...

Your displays have always been great, and I know how much work goes into managing them. That said, do you by chance have and Southeast Alaska Native exhibits coming up? Also, feel free to look over my blog and spread word of it to those who are interested. In the meantime, keep up the great work down there. Thanks, Zach Jones, Archivist, Sealaska Heritage Institute, Juneau, Alaska.

May said...

Me too! It looks like it will be amazing.

The Burke Museum said...

Zach --

We don't have any large scale Alaskan cultural exhibits planned for the next few years, though we will be looking at Alaskan wildlife issues in two photography exhibits coming up this summer: The Last Polar Bear and Arctic Wings.

You should keep an eye on the happenings at the Bill Holm Center at the Burke -- their research, like the search for missing Haida house models -- might interest you.

I'll add your blog link to our blog roll. I love what you're doing with it! - Rebecca D.

SHI Archivist said...


Thank you very much. I am pleased you are hosting my blog on your roll, it will help it reach a broader audience. As for the Bill Holm Center, yes, I have been looking over their website and projects with zeal. They seem to be doing some really great things. If we could only talk them into starting a blog also. :) Anyhow, thank you very much for the feedback and keep up the great work at the Burke.

Zach Jones
SHI Archivist

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