May 10, 2007

New Possibilities for Burke Blog

Posted by: Rebecca Durkin

Last week I presented Burke Blog to other museum professionals as a panelist on the Museums and Technology session at the Rethinking Museums conference.

We were flooded with great ideas and new directions for Burke Blog in our discussions during and after the panel. Feeling excited and inspired, we’ll be creating some new features, adding additional writers, and testing out creative ways to interact with our readers.

Here are some experiments you can look forward to from Burke Blog:

You Asked It! – A new feature that tackles your queries about natural history and culture at the Burke Museum and beyond. Every day we get thoughtful and challenging questions from visitors to our main Web site, but if you want to send a question straight to Burke Blog, drop us an email.

Whatd’ya Wanna See? – We’re constantly creating programs and exhibits at the Burke that respond to our community’s interests and experiences. What do you want to see? Burke Blog will give you the chance to give us feedback as we build exhibits, pick new exhibit topics, and develop events and activities.

Everyone’s a Critic – Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could blog about your museum visit live in the galleries of the Burke Museum in real time? You could share your thoughts, good and bad, with readers around the world. We’re looking into making this a reality.

Keep a look out for these new features and more. Don’t want to wait? If you’ve got something you’d like to see on Burke Blog, just send us an email or comment here.

- Rebecca