March 28, 2012

Short Take: Recovering Northwest Coastal Indian Food Traditions

Last month, traditional foods educator Elise Krohn joined nine other food experts to give a short talk as part of the Burke Museum's "Short Takes on What the World Eats" at the Neptune Theater. She spoke about individuals and organizations working to restore traditional Native knowledge of the tending, harvesting, preserving, and preparing traditional northwest Native foods. Other speakers discussed topics from wild food foraging to eating bugs.

If you missed Elise Krohn's talk, you can watch it below, and check out our YouTube channel for more Short Takes.

If you enjoyed Elise Krohn's talk, come to the Burke this weekend! On Saturday, March 31st, join traditional food experts for a day of activities and demonstrations of northwest Native foods and diets at the Burke Museum. In addition to seeing how to boil water with rocks and having the chance to sample traditional northwest Native foods, visitors will have the chance to hear from those leading the revival of Native food traditions. The day of events compliments the Hungry Planet and Salish Bounty exhibits currently on display at the Burke, both of which invite reflection and discussion on what the world eats and what we eat.

Posted By: Winifred Kehl, Communications