October 14, 2011

Natural History Riddles

Happy Friday! Celebrate the weekend with another fun round of…

(October edition)

How to play: Read the three riddles below and see if you can guess which Washington State person, place, cultural object, or living thing we are referring to in the riddle. Post your guesses in the comments and check back on Monday to see the answers!

Update: The answers have been posted! Scroll down to see them.

Question #1:
My young are the size of a grain of rice, but we can reach 600 pounds!
A mantle of redd-ish brown color but can change with the blink of an eye;
You can find me under the rolling waves of Puget Sound.

What am I?

Question 2:
One of the oldest tools discovered on this continent
Shares its name with early peoples of North America
Has been found with the remains of ice age animals

What am I?

Question #3:
A transportation hub
A 12,000 year old giant sloth laid beneath its grounds

Where am I?

Answers below:

Answer #1: Giant Pacific Octopus

Photo courtesy of Bachrach44.

Answer #2: Clovis Point

Photo courtesy of Andrew Waits.

Answer #3: Seatac International Airport 

Photo courtesy of Jelson25 from Wikimedia Commons 

 Posted by: Andrea Godinez, Communications