March 16, 2011

Natural History Riddles

It's time for another round of:

How to play: Read the three riddles below and see if you can guess which Washington State person, place, or living thing we are referring to in the riddle. Post your guesses in the comments and check back Friday to see if you were right!
Update: Scroll down to see the answers!

Riddle #1:
If water enters into your boat
Helps paddlers of the Puget Sound
Stay afloat

What am I?

Riddle #2:
A ”stately” fossil
Large molars helped grind grass
During the iciest of ages

Who am I?

Riddle #3:
Drumming away for mates and food
An acrobatic feathered friend
The smallest one in Washington

Who am I?


Answer #1: Canoe bailer

Canoe bailer (Tulalip), Burke ethnology collection, #1-10709

Answer #2: Columbian Mammoth
Columbian Mammoth tusk, discovered near Ridgefield, WA

Answer #3: Downy Woodpecker

Photo courtesy Seattle Audubon
Posted by: Andrea Barber