March 24, 2011

Fundraising T-Rex Grants First Interview

After receiving positive feedback about my interview with Frank the Freight Elevator, I started to think about other interesting characters at the Burke who might be willing to chat with me about their contribution to keeping this place running smoothly. I found a willing candidate in Margot the Fundraising T-Rex and while I was working at the admission desk this past Monday, I called her over for a short sit-down with me.

Margot the Fundraising T-Rex
Sam the Receptionist: Thank you, Margot, for setting aside part of your busy day to tell us about your experience at the Burke.
Margot the Fundraising T-Rex: No problem, Sam. I love talking about the work I do here and am overjoyed at the chance to explain what I do to your blog readers.

S: It is my pleasure. So how long have you been working in Development at the Burke?
M: Well, I’ve been around the Museum for quite a while, but I’ve only been in my current position for about 9 months. I really enjoy what I do here! Although some might think I’m rather stiff, I get to see so many people everyday walk around the lobby with wide eyes and curiosity all over their face. Each week there are so many students that come through. Our Educators work really hard to corral so many youngins every day. Sometimes there are upwards of 60 enthusiastic elementary school children in one tour. I love days like that when there are so many busy bodies of energy exploring the Burke for the first time!

Me and Margot!

S: Do you usually get to interact with the kids on days like that?
M: Sometimes I do. Children are usually the ones that notice me first so I get to say “hi” and show them my giant quarter. But some of the time they don’t notice me at all which makes me a little sad, but I know it’s because they’re so eager to discover all that the Burke has to offer.

S: What is your favorite part of working here at the Museum?
M: It has to be when people fill my little Plexiglas office with donations. I love it because it means that they really enjoyed their time here and they value the institution enough to put even a little bit of money back into the Museum. It doesn’t even matter to me how much people give, it’s the act of giving itself that makes me giddy.

S: Does it annoy you when kids try and aim for your head with quarters?
M: Nope, not at all. When I was in college I played soccer and having quarters aimed at my head is as close as I get to hitting headers anymore.

S: Well, Margot, thank you for taking the time out of your day to tell our readers about your job!
M: Anytime, Sam, anytime.

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Posted by: Sam Porter