March 03, 2011

Dino Day Limerick Competition!

Let me admit something about myself: I love limericks. I love writing them, I love reading them. And guess what else I love: dinosaurs! And since everyone at the Burke is in full-on excited mode for Dino Day this Saturday, this afternoon I decided to pose a challenge to my fellow Burke Bloggers. “Write me your best Dino Day limerick,” I said.

Then we decided to ramp up the competition and see who could take the best picture with our informal Burke mascot, Tyno Rex.  So readers, tell us: who wrote the best limerick? Who took the best picture? Give us your answers in the poll below.* And please, if you love limericks as much as I do, write one for me and post it in the comments.

Contestant #1: Julia Swan

This Saturday, don’t sit around being a bore,
Come to the Burke to see a real dinosaur!
Whether you fancy your dinos big or small
Our Dino Day event will have it all
From T Rex teeth to a full Stegosaur

Contestant #2: Karin Moughamer
(guest blogger!)

This Saturday visit the Burke
Where paleontologists will showcase their work
Take a fossil journey through Antarctica, Patagonia and Wyoming
And learn about the dinosaurs that went roaming
Your kids (and you) are sure to go berserk!


Contestant # 3: Andrea Barber

Large teeth, sharp claws and small limbs
Dinosaurs were more than just a whim
So I’ll find my way
To the Burke’s Dino Day
And see dinos that could run, fly and swim!


Contestant #4: Samantha Porter 
(with a slight breach of the rules, she submitted her best dino haikus)

Dinosaur fossils
It’s paleo’s biggest day
Fun is not extinct

Sometimes there’s free cake
Fossils, wombats, Dinosaurs
I so love my job
Haikus are my friend
Julia’s talent: limericks
Sam: jealous of that

Who wrote the best limerick?

Who took the best picture with Tyno Rex?
And of course, don't forget to come to Dino Day this Saturday! 

* Update: as of 3/8, Sam is the clear winner of the photo contest and while she has the most votes for best limerick, she actually wrote haikus, so I'm awarding best limerick to the runner up, Andrea

Posted by: Julia Swan