February 10, 2011

Natural History Riddles

Not all sequels are bad, especially when it comes to a Burke Blog series!  So if you enjoyed last month’s Natural History Riddles, then this month’s set will hopefully live up to the original. 

 (Part deux)

Just like the first round, any Washington State person, place or living thing is fair game.  Keep an eye on the Burke Blog for the answers soon!  Update:  The answers have been posted below.

Riddle #1:
I grow in wet areas
An animal shares my name
A plant with a tall stalk

What am I?
Answer: horsetail

Riddle #2:
Beautiful sunrises adorn my actively calm slopes
Glaciers and wildflowers thrive
A paradise for naturalists and adventurists alike

Where am I?
Answer: Mt. Rainier National Park

Riddle #3:
Lodging with my family
Incising for food and for home
Calm waters are what I prefer

Who am I?
Answer: Beaver

Posted By: Andrea Barber
Photo credits: Horsetail - Ben Legler, Mt. Rainier National Park  - Getty/Rene Frederick, Beaver  - National Geographic