May 06, 2010

Burke Archaeology Team Receives Prestigious Award

This past week, the Burke Museum Archaeology Division was awarded the prestigious “John D Spellman Award for Exemplary Achievement in Historic Preservation” for 2010 by the King County Landmarks Commission. The team of archaeologists and museum professionals at the Burke Museum is being recognized for their “exceptional work in education, documentation, advocacy, and stewardship of King County’s archaeological record.”

The Burke has initiated or supported a number of archaeological projects in the King County area over the past several decades, including a public excavation on Vashon Island and Waterlines, a project to help the general public visualize Seattle's past landscapes. The Archaeology Division collaborates with local tribes, professional archaeologists, and government agencies to protect and preserve cultural resources and sites around the state of Washington. Our team also responds to community questions inquiries about archaeology, supported a graduate student “public outreach coordinator” position dedicated to providing helpful information to the general public on an ongoing basis.

Laura Phillips, collections manager for the Burke Archaeology Division responds to the award news by saying, “We are very pleased to have received the award, and will continue to reach out to our local and regional communities to ensure care for and respect of King County's cultural resources!”