April 06, 2010

Calling All Environmental Writers

Wow, hard to believe that there are just five weeks left until our 2010 Environmental Writer's Workshop. The all-day seminar on Saturday, May 15 will be led by Jack Nisbet, Lynda Mapes, and Susan Zwinger. Just as last year, the workshop will include time at the museum and at the Center for Urban Horticulture.

Lynda, Jack, and Susan bring unique and complementary perspectives as naturalists, journalists, instructors, and historians who have written deeply and provocatively about landscapes wild and urban. They exemplify a growing field of writing that brings in not only plants and animals, but also the human inhabitants, past and present, who dwell on the land. In doing so, they are forging a new way to look at nature and to develop deeper connections to place. Read more about each instructor here.

The cost is $100 (10% discount for Burke Members), which includes a catered lunch and instruction materials. We have fewer than 15 spots left so sign up now!

Posted by: David B. Williams, Education