April 08, 2009


Posted by: Karin Hoffman, Communications

Spring is seen as a time of renewal and growth. Robins singing at dawn, the green tips of tulips emerging from the soil, and apple blossoms are just a few of my favorite indicators of spring. As is usually the case in the Pacific Northwest, this week spring made a brief appearance before hiding behind the gray skies and April showers we are more accustomed to. I made sure to take advantage of this weather treat (and absorb some much needed vitamin D) and headed outside to see spring in action.

I immediately wished I had brought a plant guide book with me. I found myself wanting to know the names of plants with beautiful drooping magenta flowers and delicate yellow flowers. Although one plant that I was able to identify, thanks to its’ distinctive smell, was skunk cabbage. So everyone get out there and enjoy spring and don’t forget your favorite plant guide book. You never know what you’ll run into!

Also, over the next few weeks make sure to check out the cherry tree blossoms located in the Quad of UW’s Seattle campus. AMAZING!

There are a number of helpful guides out there (I find Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast very useful) and make sure to check out the Burke’s Herbarium division which has a number of great resources.