January 15, 2009

I just have to share

Posted by: Karin Hoffman, Communications

For the last month my partner has been suggesting that I take a listen to NPR's series on museums. I kept saying, "Sounds great, I'll check it out," only to find myself putting it off until I had time – something that can be hard to find as a graduate student. Well, last night I finally went onto the NPR website and found myself listening to just about all of the segments that have been posted over the last few months - segments on the FBI's art crime team, the history of museums in the U.S., and examples of how museums are coping with the downturn in the economy, which really worries me, as I will be graduating in June, and looking for a job. So now I suggest that all you museum-lovers, if you haven't already, check out their series "Museums in the 21st Century: An NPR series explores the history of the nation's museums and looks ahead to the future."

Also, check out the Archaeology Field School in Indonesia blog which features entries written by several UW graduate students as well as our very own Dr. Peter Lape, curator of archaeology, and Laura Philips, archaeology collections manager. Twenty-five students and senior scholars from five nations are working together in the Banda Islands of Indonesia to learn archaeological field methods and explore Indonesia's deep past.