May 07, 2008

Everyone loves a good haiku

Posted by: Julia Swan

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Hoh River, one of the nation’s last untouched rivers. This week I’m writing to announce that Fast Moving Water: The Hoh River Story is now on view at the Burke. I was really impressed by Keith Lazelle’s photographs and was easily able to find a moment of zen in a busy work day by sitting in the exhibit space and listening to the accompanying nature sounds by Emmy-winning recordist Gordon Hempton. I recommend you come check it out—it’s a small, but extremely calming and pleasant photo show.

Keith Lazelle was inspired to become a photographer through a book of photographic translations of Japanese haiku poetry. In the spirit of haiku-loving, I propose a Burke Blog Haiku Contest! Feel free to leave a comment with your own favorite haiku—if you need a prompt, try writing about your favorite outdoor location. I’ll start it off with a brief ode to the Hoh River:

Deep in the mountains
A small river flows—untouched
Makes its way to sea

Ok—your turn!

- Julia

P.S. The talented Karyn Gregory has once again recorded a great podcast. This time it's with Keith Lazelle, talking about his experiences in the Olympics. Click here to listen.