February 13, 2007

Podcasts A-Plenty!

Posted by: May Evans

While you patiently await the next episodes of the all new Burke Museum Podcasts, I’d like to offer a personal selection of other excellent podcasts which might pique your interest:

Saving Antiques for Everyone is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping every single person do their part towards saving cultural heritage. Their podcasts feature interviews with cultural heritage experts.

Also concerned with what every man and woman can do is the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum with their Voices on Genocide Prevention podcast. This is a weekly series dedicated to keeping you aware of important human rights issues across the world.

Always remember to look up with the Adler Planetarium’s Adler Night and Day podcasts. This bi-weekly series all about observable solar and celestial activities will help you recapture your wonder of the heavens.

And while the Adler Planetarium will tell you about what you can see, the Museum of Science in Boston will tell you about things you can’t! Their Current Science and Technology podcast features information about the most up-to-date scientific and technological advances, including nanotechnology.

Coming from the Midwest originally, I fell in love with the Kansas State Historical Society’s Cool Things podcast. Set up to correspond with their online exhibit, this podcast closely examines objects from the Society’s collection. I never found a pair of overalls to be so enthralling!

Another object-by-object take on podcasting is the National Museum of the American Indian podcast. This series looks at Native objects from both a historic and artistic point of view, providing you with an understanding of both their beauty and significance.

The Delta Blues Museum in Clarksville, Mississsippi is like our local EMP – dedicated to music. The Uncensored History of the Blues podcast discusses trends in the sounds and lyrics of Blues music and is just a beautiful thing to hear.

And while we’re talking about things closer to home, let’s not forget the Henry Art Gallery’s Artcasts, featuring artist conversations on current and past exhibitions and more; or KEXP, the Seattle-based non-profit radio station that offers multiple podcasts including Sonarchy Radio, featuring Northwest artists of the experimental sort.

This should keep your ears busy until the next installment of Burke Museum Podcasts – "Burke 101"

- May