January 29, 2007

The Marshall Islands come to Seattle

Posted by: May Evans
I’m May, the newest addition to the Burke’s blog & podcasting team and a second-year student in the University of Washington’s Museology program.

This Saturday I had the opportunity to witness the Marshall Islands Cultural Celebration here at the Burke, where the entire museum was filled to overflowing with Marshallese pride! Not only did Marshall Islands President Kessai Note grace us with his presence, but he also brought the Marshall Islands First Lady, Secretary of the Interior, Marshallese Ambassador to the USA, and other distinguished guests, all of whom spread their electric excitement to the rest of us about the recent donation to the Burke of 64 Marshallese objects. Weavers, artisans, and dancers joined in the celebration and demonstrated the arts of the Marshall Islands. If you missed this event, be sure to visit the “Recent Acquisitions” case in the Pacific Voices exhibit, where several of the recently-donated objects are currently on view.

Donor Joan Edburg stands with President Kessai Note before a display of Marshallese weavings.

- May