December 06, 2006

The Next Generation

Posted by: Rebecca Durkin

Ever wonder how to get a job at a place like the Burke Museum? One path is to complete a Masters degree in Museology: the study of the theory and practice of museums. Museology grad students at the University of Washington train at the Burke Museum, practicing everything from managing collections to installing new exhibits.

I visited the Ethnology collections today to watch some of the Museology students testing their new skills.

Regan and Shana created this secure mount for a Melanesian vessel to provide protection and prevent it from falling off the shelf.

My fellow blogger Karyn and her partner Suzanne meticulously pieced together this frame from archival materials to house and protect a collection of arrows.

Quite a few of the Burke staff are graduates of the Museology program, including our registrars, some of our collections managers, and myself.

Want more info? Learn about the program here.