December 18, 2006

Holiday Time Travel

Posted by: Rebecca Durkin

Save the date for the Burke’s holiday event – Magic Lanterns and the Birth of Photography – Sat., Dec. 30.

Bring in the new year by stepping back through time to enjoy authentic 19th century entertainment with the technology that was the forerunner to motion pictures. A huge fad in the 1800’s, thousands of “Magic Lantern Shows” toured the country presenting fun and boisterous travelogues, history, and storytelling. Members of the Seattle Chapter of the Magic Lantern Society will present some of these shows verbatim, using text and slides from the original presentations – should be fun for history buffs.

When: Sat., Dec. 30 | 10 am – 4 pm
Where: Burke Museum
What: Magic Lantern slideshow performances scheduled throughout the day; each show lasts approx. 20-30 minutes.
Who: Presented by the Burke and the Seattle Chapter of the Magic Lantern Society
Why: Because the holidays are all about nostalgia, even for things that predate us by centuries!

Photos courtesy the Magic Lantern Society.

- Rebecca