November 13, 2006

Antarctica in our lobby

Posted by: Rebecca Durkin

A new display filled with fossils from Antarctica is up in the lobby of the Burke Museum, placed just below the 9-foot-long fossil fish that greets incoming visitors with a ferocious, toothy grin.

Some of these objects are the result of a 2006 field work expedition by Burke curator of vertebrate paleontology, Dr. Christian Sidor, who studies and collects from this remote region, broadening the Burke’s collections to a new area of the world.

The fun part of the new display is the backdrop featuring an image of Christian weighted down by bulky layers and balancing on icy ground, standing on the Antarctic plain. His massive boots and Antarctic gear are also on display, giving you a sense of how researchers have to prepare in order to safely navigate the difficult Antarctic weather and terrain.

Next week, Christian is off to Africa for a month of field research with a team of collaborators investigating climate change and the fossil record in Niger.

- Rebecca