June 17, 2011

Natural History Riddles

It’s Friday and I thought it’d be a great day for a “Fun Feature” blog.  So get ready to test your Washington State natural history knowledge with another round of…

How to play: Read the three riddles below and see if you can guess which Washington State person, place, or living thing we are referring to in the riddle. Post your guesses in the comments and check back on Monday to see the answers!
Update: Scroll down to see the answers.
Riddle #1:
I am named for my chubby look and loose skin
I never bite, but can “strike” with my blunt tail
Unlike many of my other slithery relatives, I prefer to go out at night.

Who am I?

Riddle #2:
Glaciers carved and feed this natural beauty
The deepest fresh water in the state
“The way through” the Northern Cascades

Where am I?

Riddle #3:
I feast on moose to mice with my family members
A true leader of the pack

Who am I?

Answers Below:

Answer #1:  Rubber Boa

Photo courtesy of Brad Moon

Answer #2:  Lake Chelan

Image: Public Domain/Bareck

Answer #3:  Gray Wolf

Lonnie, Male Gray Wolf. Photo courtesy of Julie Lawrence Studios/Wolf Haven International

Since we're on the subject of wolves, the Burke Museum's newest exhibit, Wolves and Wild Lands in the 21st Century, is open through Sept. 5.  Come to the museum before August 7 and see The Owl and the Woodpecker exhibit too!