May 22, 2009

Burke Behind-the-Scenes, Training Future Museologists

Posted by: Nicole Robert, Communications

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that there are many exciting things that go on at the Burke, often behind the scenes. One of the great programs housed here is the Museology Masters of Arts program. Graduate students attend classes, work in the museum and produce their own museological contribution before graduating from this two year program.

Bring together a group of motivated students with a few key resources and you inevitably produce exciting results! Here are two upcoming opportunities organized and produced by our museology students:

Nina Simon, museum design consultant and author of Museums 2.0 Blog, is teaching a class on social technologies in the museum this quarter. With her guidance, students have been asked to create a physical exhibit using social technologies to facilitate interactions between strangers.

We gave these 14 students 7 weeks, $300 and a 72 hour display period. They decided they needed a lot of advice!


They are pulling together a special exhibition all about advice. In this innovative exhibition, advice contributed online and in-person shapes a temporary installation in the Husky Union Building (HUB) at the University of Washington. Advice you love, advice you hate, advice that rocked your world— they want to hear from you! Visit to pass on your advice. Pictures, videos, voice recordings and texts are all welcome.

Or give your advice in person during the physical installation which is on display Saturday June 6 to Monday June 8 from 9 am to 6 pm. Admission is free.

Visit the UW campus on Saturday June 6 and you can also attend an exciting free workshop organized by museology students: Lessons from the Exciting World of Games! with Ken Eklund. Eklund is the designer of the groundbreaking alternate reality game WORLD WITHOUT OIL. This timely serious game challenged players to creatively and collaboratively solve a simulated global oil crisis.

The free lecture takes place at the Henry Art Gallery Auditorium. At 2 pm, Eklund will lecture about alternate reality games and the lessons they hold for museums that seek to become more participatory in a socially networked world. After the lecture, attend a workshop exploring how a game designer might approach exhibit design challenges. Registration forms are available at