November 14, 2007

Maybe the Dingo Ate Your Blogger

Posted by: Karyn Gregory

Hi everyone! It's Karyn, back from a fairly lengthy hiatus (or as I like to call it, summer vacation). As I set out to write an entry for this week, I found that the natural science news was not very forthcoming. Oh sure, there are new planets and giant rockets but nothing in the natural history or science realm has really jumped out at me lately (with the exception of the albino ratfish, which has now joined the Burke’s fish collections).

This caused me to look internally for an interesting update. One of my biggest personal accomplishments lately has been figuring out how to create a database. After a few hours of tutorials I managed to develop a very simple object tracking program. This experience made me truly appreciate one of the most important yet often unnoticed aspects of the Burke's main website: the collections databases. If you follow that link, you can select from any of the Burke's research divisions and search our internal database for artifact and specimen images and info (including those not currently on display). Who knows what sorts of things you might find?

Happy hunting!

- Karyn